Father Daughter night as Young Womens

In Young Women's they had an informal father daughter dinner. We had lasagna, garlic bread and salad. But the definite highlight of the evening was when Mark volunteered to play a fun father daughter game. It is one of those classic, father leaves the room, daughters answers 5 questions about her father, then he returns and we see how well they know each other. Next they reverse positions and daughter leaves the room.

This is Courtney and my the wonderful father to our children. He is such a good sport!

Here they are playing the game. I think one of the funniest questions that got answered was when Courtney was asked "where did your parents meet?" Courtney's response was "a mexican restuarant". I was really trying to figure that one out and decided she must have remembered that is one of the first places when went on a date. But I didn't know how she knew that. Afterwards she said the reason for her answer was that there were so many mexican restaurants in our town that she had a pretty good chance of being right. Good thing they didn't ask where our first kiss was, I am not sure how I would explain the graveyard to her. Final total in points was Courtney and Mark took 3rd place.... out of 3 teams. All in all it was a lot of fun.

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