Any Soldier - support our troops!

I found this website, it was one of those blog hopping things. I started at the Daring Bakers where someone wrote that their cousin needed support while serving in Iraq. That led me to this website, anysoldier.com which is basically a website that soldiers can write in and tell what is going on in their group and request anything they might need. If you click on the following link...
You will see a list of soldiers on the left. Click on one and it will show any posts that they have made. You then have the option of "requesting" information on that solider/group and where to send stuff to. At the top it shows how many times that person has been requested. I think we might do this for Family Home Evening (we try to set aside Monday evening to spend together as a family with a quick lesson, maybe an activity and of course dessert) as a family. Just in reading the posts, it has renewed my appreciation for the soldiers (those serving now and those who have served previously) and their willingness to sacrifice for us. It doesn't matter if you are for or against the war, I still believe that they deserve our support. So I encourage you to pick a one and send a package. I have heard you can get special boxes at the post office for the military where they charge you one rate for whatever amount of stuff you can put in. This would be a great lesson for your kids and a great opportunity for us to give a little something back.

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