Flat Tire?

Yesterday we needed to herd our cows back up to my father-in-laws house. Coty and I had a brilliant idea, when Coty mows our lawn he always empties the grass clippings over the fence for the cows to eat. They love it! In fact whenever anyone else in our neighborhood mows their lawns, they sit there and mooo, begging for grass clippings. So they are very aware what a lawn mower is and what tender treats comes out of it. We figured Coty could be a type of pied piper, but more of a cow mower, using the lawn mower he could coerce the cows down the road, them following faithfully along into Grandpa's field. Tada! Only problem, just as Coty got it out to the end of the driveway, it got a flat tire. So we ended up herding the old fashion way, hawing, running, cute little cuddly names for the cows when they won't jump a trench. Besides me stepping in a fresh cowpie which I immediately said "crap, literally" (Courtney laughed) it went pretty well. We put our cows in with Grandpa's Black Angus. It was pretty interesting to see our bossy cow and his bossy cow butting heads and backing each other around the field.

Fast forward to today. Coty goes to fix the lawn mower tire and realizes it isn't flat anymore.

He kicks it, gets down on his hands and knees and looks underneath. He swore it was flat yesterday. It was a real head scratcher. But we all misjudge so Coty hops on and starts driving it back to the house. After a little while he realizes the one particular tire is flat, again. What the heck? Then our next door neighbor across the street comes over laughing. He told Coty that he heard us yesterday talking about the flat tire, so while we were herding, he filled it up. He thought it was so funny that Coty couldn't figure out why it wasn't flat anymore. This is great news because he has been a little upset about our barn which we just built. It will obstruct his view of Mt. Rainier. And since he is the "ONLY" neighbor who doesn't hate us, I have been feeling bad. So hopefully this means he doesn't hate us. I am now once again making plans to woo him back into being our friend. I think I will start with homemade strawberry jam and work up to fresh peaches.

The big obstruction that prevents our neighbor from seeing Mt. Rainier.

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Steff said...

Well, at least the barn is looking good. Sorry neighbors.