Sidney started Gymnastics

Because Sidney has high energy and hops on my furniture more than any of her brothers, we have decided to try her in gymnastics. She probably won't end up being very tall and thought maybe this would be a good sport for her. If nothing else it will teach her discipline (crossing our fingers) and control over her body. I took my camera and even though the lighting was low, got some cute shots.

This is how we practice doing a backflip when you are just starting out.

Here we are learning to balance on what else... the balance beam.

I love this shot. This is only her second day and she is already making friends. This was also the girl who made Sidney go back and do her backward roll again because she didn't do it right. Gotta love 6 year olds.

Speaking of backward rolls...

It has been fun watching her learn new skills. But it has been incredible watching boys and girls who have been taking for years walking on their hands, doing the vault and so on. I don't want to brag but I did impress my family that I can still do a pretty decent cartwheel. In fact the response from my husband was "Wow, that was actually pretty good!" After being married 22 years, I can still impress him. Neat!

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Steff said...

Sidney look cute in her little outfit. :)

I can't believe you can still do a cartwheel. I won't even attempt one! I tried to stand on my head a while back and I had a kink in my neck for a week after. I'm impressed with your SKILLS!