Celtic Thunder - Damian McGinty

I totally stole this from my Cousin Barry's blog. I have listened to it at least a dozen times, so I am putting it on my blog in case you haven't wandered over to theirs AND so it is a shorter distance for me to travel to listen to it again, and again, and again.

Damian McGinty is a member of the group Celtic Thunder who are colleting quit a following. They are in the US doing concerts, so check out if you are in your area anytime soon.

All I can say is.. Eat your hearts out Jonas Brothers. No contest.


The Butler Bunch said...

I am so happy that you catch the vision like we did!! Seriously, I can listen to this kid ALL DAY. My daughter (15) who used to inform me on a daily basis that she was going to may David Archeleta, totally dumped him for this kid. We even ordered their CD! They are awesome!

The Butler Bunch said...

One more thing...wait, two more things...Dontcha just love the way he sings "guardian angel"?
Also, how's your son doing on the mish?

Sydnee Kate Yavanenski said...

I love Celtic Thunder too! My sister got their CD a couple months ago and now I am a biger fan of them then she is!! "Come by the Hills" is one of my faorites but "Bird Without Wings" is the BEST! Have you ever heard it? It is SOOOO pretty!
Stop by my blog sometime!