Powerade Zero Catalina

So a Catalina is the little coupon that prints out at the grocery store when your purchase something (besides your receipt). Companies have different promotions running at different times and if you are in the "know" you can really get some good items for cheap. For instance, until Sept 28th (sorry should have told you sooner) if you purchase 6 powerades (in one transaction) you will get a printout for 4.00 of your next shopping trip. The powerades are .69 right now at Albertsons. So you can get 6 Powerade Zeros for .14 plus tax after you 4.00 printable. Whenever I go by an Albertsons I will pick up 12 and do 2 transactions of 6 year. I use the 4.00 back on my second transaction making it around .50 because of the tax. If you have kids with you, you can each go through the line with 6 and then keep passing the 4.00 off to the next person. I have heard of people buying whole cases (6 at a time). I am not brave enough to do that, so I stick with 12. Hope you have the chance to do this before this great deal runs out.

Remember, it is ONLY ON THE POWERADE ZERO. There are 3 flavors and they have to be the bigger 32 oz. size. Good Luck.

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Steff said...

It must be nice to have stores there in WA that actually have the "hot" items in stock. GROWL! That's one of the very few things I dislike about Utah!