Favorite Things Friday

So what if it is Saturday. I was gone all day yesterday and decided to spend the evening with my family. So Favorite Things Friday has been moved to Saturday. But fear not, it will be just as fun and exciting as ever (I can see everyone on the edge of their seats).

Favorite Thing Friday is all about the Rootbeer baby.
About 4 years ago I spent several months collecting every type of rootbeer I could get my hands on. I think I eventually ended up with over 21 kinds. The ones I can remember are...
A & W
Thomas Kemper
Henry Weinhards
Big K
Safeway Brand

If I think of some more I will add it. I threw away our score cards about a year ago, so unfortunately this is from memory. But I do know that we had 21 different variaties. After collecting the rootbeer, I then made up cards for my family with different catagories. They were...
After Taste
Overall Flavor

I chilled all the rootbeer in the fridge, then the night of the taste off I brought all the supplies into the laundry room. I had purchased some mini cups at Cash and Carry to bring the samples out. After everyone got settled, I brought out round one of the rootbeer which they labeled #1 on their cards (I also placed a 1 on the bottle so I wouldn't get them mixed up). After everyone had the opportunity to fully taste and record their opinion we moved on to the next rootbeer until we had tasted them all. We then tallied the votes and these were our top 3 in order.

First Place was....


I bought this at our local QFC but haven't seen it there since. This was everyone's favorite. So if you haven't tried it, please do so and let us know what you think. You can purchase it on the internet if you are that interested. I believe it is brewed here in our state of Washington.

Second Place was...


No surprise there.

Third Place was...


This is sold at Fred Meyer and is by far one of the less expensive soda's. This again scored high on everyone's cards. So if you want great cheap rootbeer, this is the one to try. After our taste test my sister said they "love" this rootbeer also.

So that is my favorite things friday entry, Rootbeer. What was surprising was that Thomas Kemper and A & W didn't rate very high (bottom third) and Barqs didn't rate very well in the "bite" catagory. So go collect some rootbeer and have your own taste test and let us know what your favorite ended up being. We had a great time and it is something my kids still talk about it today.


Steff said...

Yes, Big K is still our favorite in the normal category and Henry's in the Gourmet category. Yum. We have never has Americana and I feel like we really need to give it a try. Maybe we can track some down and give it a go sometime.

Steff said...

BTW, you've been tagged. Check my blog for details. If you don't do it, I will know you hate me. The end.

Thomas family said...

That sounds like so much fun! I will have to remember that on a rainy day! You are so creative! You make me love Fridays even more! LOl!