I've been tagged!

My sister tagged me. She would like me to share 6 "quirky" things about myself. To make sure I did this right, I looked up the word "quirky" and this is what it says...

A peculiarity of behavior

Interestingly enough, I pondered this for a day or so and was having a hard time coming up with something. I find myself so uninteresting. But to my amazement, when I asked my husband he just started naming them off one after another. So I started a list which I left on the counter and my 13 year old daughter found it and started reading it. She of course thought those weren't quirky and also that it was lame, and I am lame. I love teenage girls. I even love the fact my husband is learning to be such a great mediator.

I obviously got off topic, so back to 6 quirky things about me.

1. I would rather spend money on my kids than get a new diamond ring. Last year our house was broken into and my wedding ring was stolen. After having a good cry about it (I remember it like it was yesterday) and thinking I could find it at a pawnshop, I resigned myself that it was gone forever. So my husband being the good guy he is took me out on a date to cheer me up. Before dinner he said he wanted to go look at rings. I told him we weren't buying but we would look. We enter the store and I begin looking and saying "this is kind of pretty" or "I like the cut of that diamond". Next thing I know my husband asks the clerk to pull out a few from the case so I can try them on. I feel myself start to perspire (because ladies don't sweat). As I am trying them on Mark is trying to talk me into a larger center diamond and getting me to try on more expensive ones. I finally say that I am done and hungry and that maybe we should go to dinner while I think about my decision. The clerk stands back and looks at us both. Then he says that he isn't even going to try to talk me into anything because he has never seen this before. The man trying to talk the woman into a bigger more expensive ring while the woman wants a smaller ring. He said "if he can't talk you into it (pointing at Mark) there is no way I am even going to try". So a few months later we took the kids to Disney World (which was one of the greatest vacations of my life) and I am wearing a CTR for my wedding ring. Quirky - perhaps, but I am happy.

2. I love what has been nick named as rabbit poopie ice by my sisters and I. And the only place in Washington that has it is some Taco Times. I will go buy a large lemonade and ask them to fill it with ice, then add the lemonade so I can chew on the ice. Ice chewing became a craving when I was pregnant with my second child, Coty, and has never gone away since.

3. Just like my sisters, I am an avid reader. I usually have 3-4 books on my night stand at a time that I am reading. I love reading, it calms me and is a cheap way to escape stress. I love reading to fall asleep, but unfortunately it drives my husband crazy. I think I am going to ask for a reading light for Christmas. I use to read in the bathtub quite a bit, but am known for my ability to drop books in the water. I did discover that if that happens, you must jump out immediately and stand on the book so it doesn't puff up because the pages are soaked. Just a tip to pass on to other avid bathtub readers.

4. If I drink to much pop I get bladder infections. This might be attributed to the fact I have a tipped uterus. That is probably pretty quirky too.

5. I have a great fear of mice or rats. You could add squirrels and chipmunks because they are really just rodents with fluffy tails. We once had a rat in our garage that was getting into the dog food. When I saw it I slammed the door and started moaning "oh my gosh, it was huge, oh my gosh, oh my gosh". That is when my 5 year old patted me on the arm and said in a very calm voice "Mom, where is your happy place? Go to your happy place. It is going to be okay." I then refused to go out in the garage until my husband placed rat poison all over (of which our dog ended up eating one bar of and I got to wrestle her to floor while prying her mouth opened so my husband could dump some hydrogen peroxide down her throat per vets orders. Again, another quirky talent). The rat did die but I still have a hard time going out in the garage.

6. I have a weird sense of humor. To illustrate that, let me share a little thing my sister and I have going that we think is hysterical. When she was in college I sent her a cute stitched wall hanging that said "A family the PREYS together, stays together" and had a picture of 2 vultures sitting on a branch. A few years later she sent me this book in the mail...

I then sent her a beanie baby vulture from ebay a few weeks ago.

So last week for my birthday, I am getting home late Saturday night from Hawaii and am picking up the kids from my mom's house. She says "something came in the mail for you today". I open the white box and here is what I see...

A birthday cake of Tom Selleck with a hairy chest. The cake says "Hairy Birthday Lorri". Yep, you guessed it, from Steff with a lot of behind the scenes helpers - Gayle, Rachael, Mom.

But wait, there's more. The next day I am going through my mail that has piled up while we are gone and there is a small package. I open it a little confused, only to find this...

A "TEAM VULTURE" thong. Yeah, I'm gonna get a lot of use out of that. So I am now staying up late, planning my next move. Remember, revenge is a dish better served cold.

So that is another quirky thing about me. I have a goofy, weird sense of humor. It is good that I don't drink.

I now tag Larissa (because I would like to get to know her better),Kari and Kristin. Come on, you know you wanna. And make them very QUIRKY!


Kristin said...

That whole post cracked me up!!!

Thomas family said...

That is hilarous! It might take me awhile, Me Quirky? Lol

Thomas Family said...

Everyone has a little "quirky" inside. It is really just a matter of letting it out. Besides it will make me feel better about my quirky traits knowing that others have them. :)

Steff said...

1. That is totally you. I can see you being horrified or embarrassed about getting a huge ring. You are so funny.

2. Yum...rabbit poopy ice. Did I tell you they sell it at our local grocery store? Now I feel the need to go to Sonic for a large lemonade with rabbit poopy ice.

Steff said...

Oh...what?! I wasn't finished and accidentally pressed publish. Anywho...

3. I drop books in the tub all the time. Luckily, Matt is really nice and doesn't care. I've never tried standing on it to keep it from getting so big. Good tip!

4. Interesting. I also have a tipped uterus and I did not know we had this in common. Lucky us. My Dr. told me it is common in about 20% of women.

5. Ewwww, I hate mice too. I still wish I would have seen you wrestle lucky to the floor. You are a woman of many talents.

6. YOU really do have a weird sense of humor. I just don't get it. ;) Hee hee