Why does my husband let me out of the house?

All I was trying to do was be a good mother. I was helping out with my youngest daughters Halloween party. Remember, this is the same party that is being run by ex-hooter waitress costume wannabe. Not to mention when we get there, each lady helping (they are all friends) are comparing when they took their last swig and how they needed more because they couldn't seem to walk straight. Oh yeah, and don't even ask me about all the detailed information of the "Drunco" (like bunco but you take a shot when you get a bunco) night I got while helping set up.

My husband is usually here to head me off at the pass. He might have said "Lorri, why don't you stay home and get out that lovely cross stitching project you have been wanting to do" or "How about developing a business plan that we can discuss when I get home". But no, he left for hunting this morning which in turn left me in control of creating my own destiny.

So on with the most embarassing thing I have done this month, possibly year (and that is a tough one to top). One of the ladies brought a printer to print pictures of the kids so they could go in the homemade frames they were making. The printer was old and a regular size SD card doesn't fit in it. I offered to take a picture of the whole class, run home and print off 20 copies so we could mount them in the frames before the party was over. I basically was gone for 9/10ths of the party. I get back, help mount the pictures and am walking around commenting on the kids costumes. This one kid had this great, I assumed, hunchback of notre dame thing going on. It was a little light on the hunchback but he had this great lump in the side of his chin. I went up to him and said that is really cool. How did you guys get it to look so real, as I am eyeing it real close. Duh! It was real. I am an idiot. Luckily he was pretty young and even though I am sure he kind of knew what I was talking about, he just kind of ignored me. Unlike one of the mothers helping who looked at me like I was a freak. Which to give her credit, I really was.

I was thinking of posting a picture so you could all see, hopefully, what I saw and could justify my stupidity. But I think I have already done enough damage for today. Maybe I will just go trick-or-treating tonight and try not to run over to many children.

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hillmans said...

Oh my gosh, pretty sure that is one of the funniest stories ever. I would have died. I think I have told you before, but I love reading your blog. You are a really good writer. But anywho...thanks for the chuckles.