At approximately 12:00 this afternoon, I will be signing my life away on the sign in sheet at my dentist to get my teeth cleaned. If I do not return, or end up damaged in some way or another (probably mentally from the stress) know that I love each every one of you and that getting your teeth cleaned is just an evil necessity. Just like cleaning dog doo off your shoes (only cleaning your shoes is more fun than going to the dentist).

Enough said.

I shall return! hopefully

Just wanted everyone to know that I made it out alive and my teeth are lovely and have a pearly glow. I don't know if I am just a weanier or if it is because I have sensitive teeth that going to the dentist is such a trial for me. On the up side... I have only had 2 cavaties my whole life. That isn't to shabby for a 42 year old lady.

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Kristin said...

Hope you made it out alive, I've been on pins and needles all day hoping your OK. I'm sure you looked great in the bib!