Mission Call on the Way

We just checked the website and see that Coty's mission call was sent off today. The question is, how long will it take to get here and most of all, where in the heck will he be spending the next two years of his life.

I will have to say that we have been checking the mailbox everyday for the last two weeks just in case. His plan is to hopefully run the Boston Marathon April 20th and then he put his availability date for a week after that. He initially said he could leave 2 days after the marathon, but being the wise parents we are, put a week after. Usually you don't leave right on the date you say you are available to leave, but knowing our luck, it wouldn't be a wise choice to put it out there.

So here is a retry at the guess list that I deleted before. If you don't see your name or guess on there, please comment or email me with it. Remember, I am giving a $10 giftcard to Burger King or McDonalds (your choice) to whomever guesses correctly. Also remember it is a first come first serve basis, if someone has already chosen it you need to pick a different place. May the best man/woman win!

Coty - Kenya
Courtney - City of Atlantis
Mark T. - Mexico
Kristin - Japan
Steff - London, England
Andrew - South Africa
Coleman - North Carolina
TJ - Michigan
Tyson - Nebraska
Travis - Toronto, Canada
Corina - Florida
Jessica -
Madison - Jamaica
Cori H. -
Mark H. - Ukraine
Sidney - Hawaii
David - Chile
Carol - Brazil
Grandma Thomas - Colorado
Clint - West Virgina
Grandma Butler - Australia
Grandpa Butler - New Zealand


GrandmaPeggy said...

I was hoping the envelope with directions for the next 2 years would arrive tomorrow, but I have time to add my quess. I'm going to choose Colorado, because it is in the middle of the country(protection you know) and in our country.

kthom said...

I swear I said Brazil, but that's O.K.....I'm still feeling the South American vibe....Argentina ..'ole!

Thomas family said...

Clint's guess is West Virginia! :)