Courtney's History Day Project...

Courtney finished up her history day project about a month ago. We got a few pictures right before we took it to school. She will proceed to regionals which will take place at the Green River Community College. From there, if she wins, she will go to State which will be held at the University of Washington. Our goal is to make it to state this year. We aren't sure we really want to make it any further than that, due to the fact 1. we would have to figure out how to get this humungous display to Washington D.C. at our own expense 2. you pay most of your own expenses and if we were going to go to Washington D.C. and pay for it, we would want to just go for fun 3. pressure...oh the pressure.

I am really proud of job she did. She and her dad made the display (which mimics a canoe that Lewis and Clark took down the river). We contacted several Indian tribes to get information on Sacajawea and she read a ton of information and books.

A few things we found interesting is that the woman, Sacajawea, has more statues of her than any other woman in history.

Another is the spelling of her name. Lewis and Clark spelled her name several different ways. Depending on who you talk to will determine how they think her name should be spelled. We think that the "g" sound was very gutteral and was confusing to Lewis and Clark how better to represent it, either with a "g" "j" or a "k".

It was thought that Sacajawea was Shoshone and captured by the Hidatsa where she was later traded and made wife to a French trader. The Hidatsa claim that she was originally a Hidatsa and captured by the Shoshone, then either taken back or she found her way back to them where she was married off to the French trader.

Sacajawea is a symbol of peace because as she traveled with Lewis and Clark most tribes knew they weren't a war party because there was a female with them. This is one of the reasons that she was depicted on a coin. She also was allowed to vote when they finally made it to the Pacific to decide where they were going to spend the winter. York, a black man, was also allowed to vote. This was the first time in history for either.

Good Luck Courtney!


gramma said...
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Steff said...

Um...WOW! That is not nothing. I'm super impressed. How did she do? If she didn't win, I'm going to come drop kick the judges in the face.