My 6 year old needs a play date...

I have a pile of balloons left over from the YW broadcast and dinner from last night. They have been flying all over the house.

I am in the middle of making Courtney's birthday cake and started catching snitches of Sidney's conversation with herself. She has named all the balloons, curled the ribbons of the ones that are girls and is in the process of teaching the ones who are losing their helium how to fly by throwing them up in the air and shouting encouraging words.

Some things she is saying...
"come on, you will like that spot on the ceiling"
"Go be with your friends"
"You cannot go down, you should always keep your balance to float properly"
"Stay up there"
"Good job!"

I think I need to schedule a playdate with a "real" friend before this gets out hand.


Elisabeth said...

Eva says come on over April 6th!!!!!

Steff said...

That's hilarious. Does she take after her mother?!