Overnighter for Camp and yummy popcorn.

This weekend was busy and packed with fun. I attended an overnighter with some of the young women (30 or so) in our area to plan their yearly camp this summer. It was great getting to know the the young women and some of the leaders better.

I was in a bit of a rush getting out of the house to go, Sidney was having a mild meltdown. How come no one cares until you need to go somewhere, then they all miss you. Sometimes I want to just stay home and bask in their adoration. But commitments were made and my stuff was packed, well almost. It wasn't until I got up there I realized I had my sleeping pad, pjs, pillow, toothbrush...oh wait, did I forget my sleeping bag? Then I tried to decide how badly I needed it. After observing the concrete floor and that the temperature was "just comfortable", I knew I didn't want to spend all night in my pj's sleeping on a 2" thick pad with no covers. So I called my husband who so kindly sent one up with some people who were still on their way. Hurray to my hero once again.

We played some get to know you games, picked the theme for camp, ate wonderful food prepared by the people who will be cooking for us up at camp. Besides the lack of sleep, which by the way you don't recover from nearly as fast after the age of 40, it was very enjoyable. I can even say that I didn't make a fool of myself. My 14 year old daughter told me to "act normal" while I was there and try not ot embarrass myself to much. I believe I headed her advice. Besides there will plenty of other times at camp to let loose and she will be there to witness it.

I was asked to bring a treat for the girls later in the evening when we were just hanging out. After making it, I realized it was still one of my favorites. So I will share it with you. No pictures because I brought my camera and even charged my battery only to find I forgot my SD card. So next time I make it I will add the picture. Does it help to know that I was asked for the recipe and the double batch bowl was licke clean pratically.


Put in a large heat proof bowl:

4 cups popped popcorn
3 cups Crispix cereal
1/4 cup slivered almonds

In a pan melt together:

1 cube butter (no margarine)
1/2 bag mini marshamallows

After those are melted together add:

3/4 cup brown sugar

Stir until combined and slightly dissolved. Pour over popcorn/cereal mix and stir well. Make sure all the goo hasn't gone to the bottom and each and every delicious piece of cereal and popcorn are coated. Then eat to your hearts content and watch your bottom grown.

I do have to give credit for this recipe to my sister Steff. I am not sure who she got it from, but I will love her forever for passing this along. This is also a great go to for holiday gift plates.


Erikson Family said...

I'll tell you where she got the recipe - it was from me. This is so typical of Steff, taking credit for my delicious cooking! I won't mention that I got it from my sis-in-law. (:

Steff said...

YES! Thanks for sharing MY recipe! I worked really, really hard to come up with this delicious formula. It is hard work being this amazing...but someone's got to do it.

Don't you love how Wendi tries to take credit for everyone else's recipes? :)

Actually, the funniest thing about this is that Wendi made this for our dessert cook-off at the cabin AND I think I once calle you (Lorri) for the recipe when I couldn't get a hold of Wendi. I will still take credit though. Thank you. Thank you very much!