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This was a couple of years ago (I am thinking 2007?) when the husbands took the kids fishing up at Tisdale. You have to know that Tisdale is a tradition in the Thomas family. A place Mark's father started taking him and his brothers and sister when they were young. In fact this was one of my first inductions into the Thomas family. After Mark and I were married, we went with his father, Kyle and Cori on the 12 hour drive to this lake up in the outer reaches of Canada. I remember driving all night only to awake to a delicious breakfast of chocolate donuts and soda. When we arrived in the wee hours of the morning, it was windy and you could actually see whitecaps on the lake. We slept for a few more hours (Mark and I sharing the front cab) until the actual sun had come up. The second day broke with beautiful sunshine and the lake was crystal smooth. There was no running water available so you have to bring in enough to drink, wash with and cook with. There were only a few (maybe 2) other campers there the whole time and the fishing was GREAT! One of my most favorite things about this lake is sitting by the campfire in the evening and hearing the loons on the lake. There is nothing more peaceful than that. This was also the only place I have ever been skinny dipping. Since there is no water to wash with, I went skinny dipping at the other end of the lake while my husband was fly fishing in the stream that ran into the lake. I guess we had either been married long enough and/or my buck naked body wasn't as appealing as fly fishing since he didn't give me a second glance haha.

So back to the picture. This is Sidney and Cole in the boat with Kyle. Notice Sidney's cool Barbie fishing pole. She actually did a great job catching fish on it. Cole looks a little disgruntled, but I think that was either because he wanted a Barbie fishing pole or the sun was a little in their eyes when the picture was taken. The kids had a great time and the Mom's had an even better time enjoying the peace and quiet

I tag...
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I would have chosen Kari too, but she was already tagged in Holly's blog. So we are waiting to hear from you also Kari :)

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kthom said...

It's coming, it's coming. I had to giggle as your first trip to Tisdale recolection sounded Waaaaaay to familiar. Was that the Thomas way to woo a lady??