You have been called...

So Coty got his mission call! Yeah!

We got it in the mail yesterday, then called grandparents to let them know we were opening it up in about an hour. Here he is sitting, waiting for everyone to show up. Anxiety? Not a bit :)

Everyone finally made it over. With great excitment he opened his call.

First words out of his mouth "oh man" in a quiet voice. Then he read that he had been called on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the

Buenos Aires, Argentina West Mission.

It is like he said afterwards, you always think it would be cool to go somewhere out of the country and then when it actually happens it makes you a little nervous to think about it. But he will be a great missionary.

A few things we thought interesting on his list of things to bring...
A sleeping bag
2 pairs of long underwear - it must get cold
umbrella - must get pretty good rain, good thing he is from Washington
hiking boots - this is included in sturdy walking shoes

Looks like an exciting mission. We are proud of you Coty!

Date he enters the mission is May 21st.

Winners of the Burger King or McDonalds giftcards for guessing correctly - Kari and Becca. Yes two, because I lost my sheet but they had both chosen it so I will be true to my word. Let me know to which place you want it girls!

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Sherwood's said...

Congrats Coty! How exciting. He will be a great missionary!