Youth Formal - An Evening in Paris

Even though I am tired, I wanted to share pictures from our youth formal last Saturday night. I wish I could take credit for the decorations, but besides taking the pictures and helping take a few things down at the end of the night, I was just an awed observer.

The theme was "A Evening in Paris".

This was when you first entered the building to check in. We had a coat check station, which I was an active participant. We had 98 items checked, which made for a busy 10 minutes after the dance when people were coming to collect their stuff.

After checking in, you would proceed down the hallway to the double doors which led you into the gym, aka Paris in the evening.

As you enter the gym, this is to the left looking at the stage where the bands performed and if you look slightly to the right of the stage you "might" be able to catch a glimpse of the 2-story Eiffel Tower which was made from cardboard. I will show you a close up later. Don't you love the strands of lights hanging across the ceiling and the little chairs and tables around the sides?

This is standing by the stage and looking at the other end of the gym. Two ladies built and painted a building front that appeared to be something you would see if you were walking down a street in Paris.

Here is a close up view. You can see the awning is three dimensional as are the window boxes. You can go through the door in the middle, which is where the food was served.

Here is a small billboard on the front of the building which gives you an idea of what food is being served inside.

As you enter the doorway, to the left and to the right were tables loaded with Parisian delights. Cheese and crackers, bruschetta, basil and garlic twists, chocolates, cookies, cinnamon twists, quiche and many other tasty treats.

Notice the stone wall with windows towards the back. This was two painting canvas' that were stapled together, given a base coat of beige paint and then given this faux wall appearance and hung up on a frame.

Here are a few of the my other favorite things that were placed around the gym to add to the ambiance.

Silhouettes of the City of Paris skyline.

Little umbrella covered stands that were serving treats such as mini brownies or chocolates. This one had flowers that were lite up and looked really cool.

A small flower cart with fresh flowers and to the left (I didn't get a picture of it)
was a french fry stand. They were giving out small servings of french fries and you could then choose between Ketchup or fry sauce.

In the girl's bathroom they had some things to beautify yourself - mints, lotion, hairspray, hair clips and paper towels. It was a nice way to pamper yourself while being gussied up.

Table centerpieces were plants with small lights intertwined around it or a small Eiffel Towers that were purchased at Target and also had lights placed around them.

And of course, as I promised, the 2 story Eiffel Tower that was made from cardboard. The man that made this must have spent hours exacto knifing out the little pieces, painting it sliver and then constructing it to perfection.

This shows what it looked like all lite up. Beautiful!

Well it was all beautiful. Thank you to all the amazingly talented people who pulled this off. The youth had a great time!

After helping clean up a little, I arrived home about 1 am, climbed into bed only to be awoken around 4 am with a croupy coughing 6 year old. I gave her some medicine and slept on her floor with a blanket and pillow until 6 am. Finally crawling back into my own bed for an additional restful 2 hours because I needed to get ready for a 9am ward conference. A little sleep deprived but had a great time all the same.


gramma said...
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gramma said...
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Thomas family said...

That is incredible! I am so impressed, looks like a fun night.

Elisabeth said...

Lorri...you are amazing...All I can say is there are a ton o' blessings heading your way..see you this weekend!

Steff said...

WOW! That is AMAZING! I don't remember ever having anything that nice when I was in the youth program...our prom wasn't even that nice! Somebody or somebodies did a ton of work to put that together. Very impressive.