Ahhhh the squeak is gone!

Mark and I make a great team. I guess that happens after 23 years together.

So my Maytag Neptune dryer has had this horrific squeak.
(By the way, this isn't my actual dryer. I couldn't take a picture of it since it is in the laundry room nearly hidden amongst the loads of laundry that need to be done. Okay it isn't that bad, but it isn't pretty enough for a picture either)

It started out kind of small, but as time has gone by it got worse and worse. It ended up sounding like someone dragging their fingernails down the chalkboard over and over and over again. Everyone held of doing their laundry unless it became an absolute necessity because of that dryer sound. I took it apart twice, figured out what the problem was, lubed it twice, but nada. It sounded okay for about 5 minutes and then the grate on your nerves screeching.

I took it apart again and figured out what parts needed to be replaced.This was the culprit. Notice the one on the right is discolored and worn out.

So I got online, ordered what I needed and yipee, they came in the mail today. I broke the dryer down again so that when my husband got home, he could quickly replace the parts before he had to run off to his 7 pm meeting. I then replaced the front and the door. I added a wet sweatshirt, closed my eyes, pushed the start button and ahhhh no screeching. Just a drumroller going around and around drying my clothes. You have never felt heaven until you fully appreciate a quiet dryer.

Now to get caught up on all the loads of laundry that piled up while we lived in avoidance of the mind numbing noise that prevented us from getting it done.

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