The flexibility Test

This my friends, is how to do the flexibility test. I don't remember who this came from (was it you Steff?), but it has come in handy more than a few times since we acquired it into our family.

Both my boys have used for a demonstration they had to give at school. My son, Coty, was in the run for homecoming king and the judges had not come back with a decision yet. The MC had stalled for time, there were a few impromtu songs sung. Then in desperation Coty was asked to perform the flexibility test (now come to be known at EHS as the broom trick) to fill time. Someone handed an umbrella up to the front and he did it in his white tux.

This is Coty as they were waiting for a decision. Sorry about the bad picture, but I was using my old cheesy camera at the time.

Oh by the way... he won :)

My daughter Courtney was going out for cross country (she is a freshman. When the coach found out she was Coty's sister, his first question was... can you do the broom trick? She said yes and then he asked everyone on the team, how many knew what the broom trick was. Half the kids raised their hands. Then he asked who wanted to know what the broom trick was. Everyone raised their hands. Then he asked Courtney if our family just sat around doing the broom trick all the time.

So without further ado... here is the broom trick aka flexibility test done by my son, Blain, in his suit right before church. We took this video to send to my sister whose son was going to do it for a demonstration at school. They were trying to remember how it went. Thus the making of the video.

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The Butler Bunch said...

Ha! That's awesome. And I was expecting him to dance. (hadn't heard of the "broomstick thing" before!)