Guilty... are you?

So I have a confession...

You know when you go to the grocery store,
and you get up to the checkout line?

Then as you load the groceries you try and read as many covers of the gossip magazines as possible before they finish scanning your items.. that is me.

Even to the point that I have to lean across the conveyor belt to see the whole cover because it is partially blocked by the magazine rack.

I can even load my groceries without looking down once because I have mastered the art so well. Hand in cart, feel around, find item, place on conveyor belt...

What's this?!?! Angelina and Brad are living in separate parts of the house and their marriage is on the brink of ruin?

Feel for item in cart, place on conveyor belt...

Wow!! Renee Zellweger stole Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend. Can she never catch a break?

I am sheepish about it, but feel much better getting that off my chest.

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