More SD card finds

You know how I told you a bit ago that I found a stray SD card with my favorite running picture of Coty on it? I also discovered that this SD card must have found it's way into my daughters camera for a bit. How do I know? Well since I didn't take any of these pictures....

Two cousins playing together.

I think this might have been my hands Courtney wrote on while I was talking to someone

Cheese art?

This picture was taken from the front lawn of my in-laws house.

Awww, we miss him. Coty, not the snowman.

Does that look like yellow snow?

Contemplating lifes bigger questions.

Anger management is in order.

Someone sure loves feeding the cows. They must have been sledding because Sidney sure has a lot of snow on her front.

This is the "hot chocolate" cook off we had last Christmas. I am sure I won. A cocoa latte is a must when entering the contest. I highly recommend them.

Coty decided to attempt eating a Tablespoon full of cinnamon. Can't wait until Blain gets home. Boys are usually the only creatures who do this kind of stuff to keep us amused.

Down she goes.

I think he was a little sick afterwards. The hard part was swallowing it.

There are some other pictures that I "might' share with you later. Wanted to give you a pick in the life of a stray SD card. I bet you can't tell that Courtney really likes her brother :)

I heard they now have a mini camera you can hook up to your pet and then set it to take pictures at intervals. Might be in our dog, Lucky's, stocking this year :)

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kthom said...

Cute cute Coty...love that kid. So does Courtney, and that's the way it should be!