Favorite Things Friday - disposable fountain pen

I love love love these! I use to buy them one at a time at our small town office supply store for a little over $3 each. Then one day... they no longer carried them. I was very sad. There is nothing like pulling a fun cool pen out of your purse to take a note or write a check. I had lots of comments/compliments on my cool pen(s). They were even fun to give with a cute notebook for a birthday present. But alas, no more.

Then one day, I found a whole pack on Amazon and my life was once more complete.

So you can buy 7 different colors for $10.89. If you have prime, the shipping is free. If you buy $25 or over, you can can get free shipping too.

Just thought I would pass along that if you have a college email address, you can get free prime shipping through Amazon for a year. This usaully costs 79.00 and gives you 2 day free shipping from anything sold on Amazon that is included in "prime" shipping. Here is the link on information

Amazon Student Prime Information

Link to Sign up

Once you are a member, each year it will automatically bill you agian unless you click on "your account" in the upper right hand corner. Then in the first box click on "manage prime membership". About 1/3 of the way down it will say "your membership will automatically renew ____date______" then click on "do not renew" and it won't. Hope this is useful.

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