Home at Last

Yesterday was an adventure. Exciting, sad, happy and everything in between.
We found a home for Jordan!

It couldn't be a better home. There is a couple up on Orcas Island that take in dogs that no one else will adopt. They can have up to 8, and right now have 6. They saw Jordan on Old Dog Haven and started calling for information. This is what they do. One of their dogs is 14 years old and spent most of his life chained up, until he came to them. Another one was abandoned and living on a slab of concrete surviving on his own. When the time comes and the dog passes away, the dad builds each dog a custom casket. Like I said... perfect home.

After many exchanged emails, they thought he would be a good match for their "family". After some scheduling conflicts, we agreed that I would drive Jordan up to Anacortes to meet their ferry. They would take him, get back on the same ferry and head home. Both my girls drove up with me. We got there a little early so we could run Jordan around a bit. As soon as this woman was getting off the ferry, she called Jordan's name. His head perked up and his tail started wagging. He is usually a little standoffish (I think that is due to being passed around a bit). As soon as she came up he was sniffing her and wagging his tail. She leaned down and he was licking her face (she MUST be a dog lover haha). It is a great match.

We shed a few tears on the way home. Sidney got on the email unbeknowst to me and wrote this email to the new owner....

Thank you so much for taking jordan we relly miss him but we are glad he is in a happy home I thot we would never find a good home for him.

This lady was kind enough to send Sidney an email back....

Hi Sydney,
Thank you for taking such good care of me and loving me while I found my forever home. My mom says that you saved my life! There are so many dogs in shelters that don’t get the chance to find a good home, so I feel really special and lucky. I like my new home and have been on my best behavior. There are a lot of things I need to learn about living with a pack of dogs, but my mom says they will teach me how to behave. Maybe if you ever make it to Orcas Island you could come and visit me – I would like to see you, and I will remember you always. Thanks for being my friend and for being so patient until I found the right home.
I miss you,

I love that not only did I find a good home for the stray dog that was dropped off on our street, but also that I taught my children about taking care of those thant can't always do for themselves. I think this is how we teach our kids to have empathy. It was a wonderful experience and one we won't forget.

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