TOFW - sister/mom get away

Every couple of years, we try and sneak away from our mom/wife duties. This spring my mom single handedly arranged for us all to go to "Time Out for Women". We stayed in Seattle and were able to walk to the event, in between eating, shopping, site seeing and did I mention eating?

I love spending time with my mom and sisters. We have this really weird (funny to us) sense of humor, which we think is hysterical. Not sure how many people agree, but who cares. We are having a good time!

Here are a few pictures from our adventure. Remember this was back in April I think. Yes, I am behind in my posts. And if you think that is bad, you should see my laundry.

Us walking down the streets looking chic and cool. So cool in fact, that I believe later that evening Wendi was mistaken for one of the Charlie's Angels.

Trying on clothes at H & M.

Wendi checking out a cute tan skirt.

We went into the bookstore looking for the cookbook "Our Best Bites" on recommendation from my sister Steff. Of course we thought there was only one left... so look who is the greedy greedy grabber. Thankfully for Wendi, another was found before it came to blows. Because we know I could take here... prison rules or no.

We had to check out Menchies on Queen Anne Hill. Yummy and well worth the many interesting side streets we took to get there.

I have nothing to say about the next 3 pictures.

Eating at a restaurant downtown. I forgot to take pictures of our food. It was very yummy. And maybe that was because we actually carried on conversations and ate at a relaxed, easy pace. As apposed to talking to and helping our kids as we simutaniously fix food, help with math, clean the house and run the kids to practices.

Getting ready for the speakers at TOFW.

This was one of the amazing speakers. Her name was Mariama Kallon. She survived the war torn Sierra Leone. She talked about seeing her friends and family members hacked with machetes and how she survived. It was amazing.

A little melting pot fondue. We were to early for dinner, so we came back for the cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. It was yummy.

Can you see how yummy it was?

More shopping.

We had a great time and amused ourselves. Wish it could have been a little longer, but we are grateful for the support of our husbands and families for giving us the opportunity to sneak away.

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