We always survive

See, give me a couple of days and I come back stronger than before. Well, at least I come back half sane. Got through Mark's presentation and most of Courtney's history day board is done, looks great by the way! Sidney is home sick which is a great excuse for, "I'm sorry I can't, my child is sick". Translated it means, we will both be hanging out in our pajamas all day. She has that nasty cough thing which is better than the nasty throw up thing. So we are not complaining.

But on to more interesting things. My husband comes home a few days ago and says that a guy at work told him you could not buy rice in California because there is a shortage. My husband also said that the price of salmon would go up to $40 a pound in the next year because of fishing restrictions. Last night I also heard you will have a hard time buying rice here. Restaurants are waiting at Costco in hopes that shipments will come in. Makes me glad I have several (thinking 3) 50 pound buckets downstairs. So just a heads up, if you see rice, buy, buy buy. Hopefully this doesn't turn out like the time I heard orange juice was going to go through the roof because of hurricanes in Florida. So me being the savvy person I am went to Costco and purchased a plethera of frozen orange juice concetrate. Yes the price went up but it wasn't as horrible as I thought. But we sure did love drinking our O.J.

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McGhie Family said...

Where did you say those buckets are again? J/k. :)
We sort of got caught up in the flour shortage panick and Matt went to Costco to buy some of the Lehi Roller Mills 25# bags. There were tons (lots of pallets) and he was sort of frustrated that he made a special trip that night because we were going to Costco the next day for a storage shelf road show they were doing. To make a long story short, when we went the next day, the flour was completely gone and lots of people were standing around looking at where it used to be and looking confused and unhappy. Now it's finally back in stock but $4-$5 more per bag.
He no longer thinks it was a waste of time making the trip early. YES!! We don't have any rice. I need to find some sort of hook up to stock up.