O V E R W H E L M E D!

I am tired. Burned out. Overwhelmed! I am ready for life to slow down. I sit here making an entry into my blog because I am taking a break from helping Courtney gathering information, one more time, for her National History Day board (which is due this Saturday). On top of that we are trying to finish up Coty's Senior project/papers/power point. Oh and did I mention he is also trying to finish up his Duty to God, graduate and figure out his senior graduation party. On top of that we are getting Blain prepared to leave on his mission on May 21st. I am attempting to get in shape for the Sharkfest by working out once a day - HAH. This is in between helping out at school, doing our callings, cleaning house, oh yeah, Mark is doing a presentation this Wednesday on his mission which includes a food from his state of West Virginia. We are fencing the back part of our property so we can buy a few cows for beef. I am ready for a long luxurious vacation. I would even take 2 days home by myself with the phone unhooked. So if you call and no one answers for a couple of days - don't bother dropping by because I will be hiding under my bed.


kthom said...

Oh Lorri, I was missing you yesterday in muscle class. I admire you and appreciate that you are such a great mom that wants her kids to excel...right on! Can I be of any assistance to you...I'm really good at putting up fences.

McGhie Family said...

You really are a good mom. You're a good example of how I want to be with my kids when they get older.

I wish I lived closer and could help you out with something. Or maybe I could just hide under the bed with you and we could laugh while our kids walked around the house yelling for us.

Hope you get through all the craziness and find a little time to do something nice for yourself.