Dentist Visit - need I say more?

So after finally finding a dentist I like (this was tested by sending each of my children in one by one to make sure this place would be acceptable for me, not really, well maybe a little) I went in for my check up that was a skidge overdo. Had a couple of small cavities which I had filled without a hitch. My dentist was fast and besides a small canker on my lip, I have done pretty good. A week later I went in for my cleaning, or "deep" cleaning they liked to call it. I was expecting the little spongey disk that slides the flavor of your choice across you teeth to make them shine. I had my eye closed (the only way I can deal with the dentist visit) but I swear she had my head pinned against the chair with her foot while she drove an ice pick into my gums with a hammer. I like to think I am tough, but sheesh. And in the end, after I sit up and see my bib splattered with blood she tells me, "well they were in pretty good condition, I am going to put you down for a regular cleaning instead of a deep cleaning". Okay, from this day forward I vow to floss morning and night.


McGhie Family said...

Ewww, I hate going to the dentist. Really, really hate it. Maybe it's because they say I need 10 root canals and crowns EVERY time I go in. I think I would die if they did that "deep clean" on me. My teeth and gums are so sensitive. Glad you survived it.

Oh yeah, are we still supposed to be getting our teeth cleaned every 6 months? Oops.

kthom said...

I love that you're blogging and that your teeth are clean:)