What Rockstars do....

Blain made it home from college and with him came "rockband". We were first introduced to this fun entertainment when we went to the cabin with my family. There are 3 different things you can do. Guitar, drums and of course singer. We are still realizing no one in our family can carry a tune very well but it has been a hoot. Sidney has gotten into the act and usually ends up a singer (because no else wants to). She has decided that she is now officially a "rockstar". I have also been informed there are certain things that rockstars do and don't do. This all started when I gave her apple juice for dinner. She said "Rockstars don't drink apple juice". This has now become the family joke. So here is our ongoing list of what rockstars do and don't do. Please add if you like.

Rockstars don't drink apple juice unless the are eating spicy chicken
Rockstars do not sleep
Rockstars do go to church with their families
Rockstars play rockband for FHE
Rockstars don't have to do jobs (until their mother makes them)
Rockstars don't have to go to school (again until their mother threatens that they will never play rockband again unless they get their socks on).

I am sure we will be adding to this as time goes on. As long as Courtney doesn't get a pink stripe in her hair and Sidney doesn't get a tattoo I think we will survive our Rockband experience. I hope.


Tracey & Gayle said...

I think she is the cutest rock star you could have found. Can I come to a concert Sydney?

McGhie Family said...

I wish you lived closer so we could have Rockband parties together. :(

That was a funny comment by Sidney about the juice. Winston pulls comments like that out of the hat sometimes. I never know if I should laugh or get mad.

The family recipe blog is coming along! I'm super excited to cook some more and post!

I have no idea what you are talking about not being linked on our blog? Why aren't we on yours? Hmmmmm?