Run like the wind Coty

As you well know (or maybe don't know but are excited to hear about), Coty runs track for his high school team. Truth be known, he is actually team captain. This is his last year as a Senior to run and has been working very hard. His speciality? The 2 mile. I have decided I couldn't run 2 miles if there was a lava flow nipping at my heels. Right now (a little more than half way through the season) his time is 10:17.72. Not to shabby. But, since we are highlighting this amazing runner in our family, thought I would share a couple of my favorite pictures of him doing his thing.


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McGhie Family said...

I am amazed at long distance runners. I can't imagine running that far and especially in a race! Coty should check out some of the cool triathlons and runs they have in WA. I wish I would have done some cool things like that when I was better in shape (high school). Way to go Coty!