Courtney goes to State!

So we have been working diligently on Courtney's national history day exhibit with her friend Nicole. After numerous hours of research, cutting, printing, arranging, the final display was done. We toted (okay, it must weigh 50 pounds) to our local history day event to be displayed and judged. I guess our their hard work paid off. They took 4th which qualifies them to go to state. This will take place April 26th at the University of Washington. I was really proud of both girls. The theme was "conflict" and "resolution". They choose to take on The Missouri/Mormon War. A bold move if I do say so myself. We will need to do a little tweaking (since we took 4th), and will take into account what the judges have said to do so. So wish us luck and congrats to Courtney and Nicole on a job well done!

Tweaking their exhibit. They had until 9am to make it look they way they wanted to, after that they were not allowed to touch it. We almost thought it would be called off since the night before we got 6 inches of snow (yes, in March). School was delayed by 2 hours but History Day must go on. So we drove careful and slow, making it there in time for the girls to do their thing.

Here they are going up to get their award. While this might sound unimpressive at first, know that this competition included South King County, Thurston County and Pierce County. We are very proud of them!


McGhie Family said...

Yippee! I'm so excited you started a blog. It looks awesome. Can I link you on my blog?

Congrats to Courtney on going to state. Very impressive! That was definitely a bold topic to discuss. Way to go Courtney!

Way to go to you for swimming in an outdoor pool! Brrrr... That is very brave in April, even if the pool is heated. Are you getting nervous for the swim? I think we only have like 78 days left. Yikes!

Thomas Family said...

Oh my gosh! Don't say 78 days! I am already a nervous wreck. I will have to say part of me will be really glad when this is over. I am insanely drawn to shark information over the internet lately. I was even looking at actual shark bites on people. Not sure if I am more nervous about the swim or being grabbed and drug to the depths of the ocean to be eaten one tastey morsel at a time.