Senior Prom

These are some pictures of Coty going to Senior Prom. We were thrilled with the girl he went with 1. because she is obviously beautiful, but more so because 2. she has high standards like he does. I can not tell you the relief you feel about sending your son out with a girl like this. I was once related an interesting experience Coty had in Seminary. They were talking about what you would do if you ended up going to a formal dance with a girl that wasn't dressed appropriately. After different kids gave their suggestions the Seminary teacher asked Coty what he would do. Coty's response, "It would never happen". The teacher then asked him why not. Coty's response,"Because I would never go with a girl that would dress like that". And so again, we appreciate that there are great young women out there like Coty's date.

The other thing that made this so special, Coty was in the same group as his Cousin Becca. She is also one of those really cute girls who hold their standards high. We think she A-okay but will miss her when she goes away to school in the Fall.

Everyone in their group

Coty putting the corsage on his date. (I confess, I was a little late for this and made them reinact it. I know, I am an annoying mother but I got the picture!)

Coty, his date and Becca with her date. We think she should marry him, but will give her a few years to go to school and then she will see we are right.

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Becca said...

haha...nice commentary in the last photo...