I am in denial!

I know I haven't posted in F O R E V E R (seeing in my mind the scene from sandlot). But I am in denial. If I post something, eventually I will have to post about Sharkfest and I have this deep seated, sinking fear of the date as it looms closer. What in the tarnation were we thinking. I have decided that if we would have taken all the money that it has taken to prepare for this grand adventure and spent in on a cruise instead, I would be saying "yipeeeee it is only a week away" as apposed to "oh crude, it is a week away". Sometimes I am at peace with it and then other days, those feelings of fear and uncertainty sneak up and slap me silly. My brother, Tracey, and I have gotten together several times to do preparation swims. The first time we went to deep lake and swam the length. Okay Tracey swam the length and I swam until I saw him turn around an then I turned around. The second time was a family event. My dad buzzed around in a boat with Gayle, Tracey's wife, and all our kids while we once again braved the frigid temperatures to swim. This time Elizabeth Willis swam with us along with Brandon and Rachael who was rescued part way out because it was pretty cold. So I post this in hopes that it is one more step in overcoming my fear of the swim which is in

4 days and counting!

A little video of the actual swim in 2006 for your viewing pleasure!

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