Whew, Been Busy!

Well, life has once again picked up it's pace and everyone has been in it up to their eyebrows. I have been getting ready to go to Girl's Camp this week. It should be fun, except the part about sleeping on the ground on a mat that is approximately 1/2 inch thick. Oh and the rodents. I don't do rodents. Not even rodents with fluffy tails called squirrels.

Mark is busy hooking up more permenant water to the pigs and cows as well as getting caught up at work since he so willingly supported me at Sharkfest. He was coming home about 7:30 pm most nights last week and will probably do so again this week. I appreciate that he is such a great supporter of our family.

We finally sold Blain's car which has been sitting in the driveway and depreciating in value. I guess with the gas price increase people are looking for cheaper modes of transportation, so after listing it on craigslist we sold it the next day.

Speaking of cheaper modes of transportation, Mark and Coty purchased a cute little moped for Coty to drive while at college. It gets 60 miles to the gallon and is red. Heck, maybe I will be getting groceries on it before the whole gas crisis is over. Did I actually hear mention of it going to 12.00 a gallon?

Coty is working like a fiend trying to earn money for college and the rest of us are just trying to keep up with the weeding and house maintenance. I think when Courtney and I get back from girls camp, we might revolt for a few days and just hang out by the lake or at least photoshop some pictures of ourselves in front of some neat things so it at least appears we are doing something cool. So stay tuned!


The Vastbinders said...

Have fun at girls Camp! Speaking of rodent I use to have a pet Rat with curly hair, no joke... he use to sit on the back of people necks. Are you cringing yet? HEHE...

BTW I added your blog to my blog list...I wondered if people in our ward had a blog or not.

Steff said...

How was girl's camp? I'm sad you are all having fun at Mom's without me. :( Have a moment of silence for me one of those nights.

$12 a gallon? Looks like our bikes will be getting a little more use in the future. :)