No sympathy here

I gave my 2 girls the job of cleaning the upstairs, which included vacuuming, dusting, wiping down the couch, spot cleaning the carpet, organize the bookshelf and cleaning up the Wii stuff. Sidney goes up stairs and must have just hit the top when she comes hobbling back down. I guess in that short time she received some severe leg injury and wouldn't be able to do her job. I told her if she was to injured to clean, she was to go lay in my bed for the rest of the day. She seemed fine with that and thus I had to up the anty.

Me: "You won't be able to get out for the rest of the day" I draw out the last part slowly for emphasis.

Sidney: "Can I watch a DVD on the laptop while in your bed?"

Me: "No, and no TV tonight either."

Sidney: "Do I get dinner?"

Me: "Yes, but no dessert." I say it like we always have dessert and she will be missing an wonderful treat.

Sidney then ponders for a bit and is still thinking this isn't such a bad deal so I had to add more.

Me: "And when we watch a movie and have popcorn you will have to stay in there all by yourself while we are having fun."

Sidney: "What if I have to go to the bathroom?"

Me: "You can get up, go to the bathroom and then back to bed."

Sidney: "What if I need a drink?"

Me: "You can only have a glass of water, EVEN if we are having soda."

She still isn't won over.

Me: "You can either do your job which will take 15 minutes OR you can stay in bed ALLLL night ALLLL by yourself."

She finally consented that doing the job would be quicker and easier. I turn around and here she is hauling the vacuum up the stairs, no problem.

Little bounder!

So I then made her come back downstairs and pose for a picture with her muscles flexed to show me how tough she is. Don't mind the tears.

Side Note: I did not pick out her outfit. Somedays you just have to give into their fashion flare.


Thomas family said...

She is getting so big, She is beautiful! What a crack up too!:)

kthom said...

Sidney, shocking behavior...simply shocking. And in reference to fruit of your loins
# 3- just start frowning a lot and speaking in sign, no need for happiness or fun of any kind!