The Bitter Mother

So this is my third child and first daughter. We have had indepth discussions on how when she became a teenager things were going to get a little hairum scarum between her and me. We both decided that we would do our best to be understanding and take a lot of deep breaths.

So the other day, my darling fruit of my loins says to me, "Mom, you are annoying." Keeping up my part of the bargin, I take a deep breath and nod. Then she says "The reason you are so annoying is because you are so happy and fun all the time." I don't think in the history of the world anyone has been accused of being annoying because they are happy and fun. Taking it in stride (because I am happy and fun) I told her that I am sorry and that I would become a "bitter mother".

So I am training. I have pondered, what does a bitter mother do? How does she act? To get in the mood I began thinking of things that could make me bitter. I remember that my husband forgot our anniversary last year. That could make you bitter, except that I forgot it too until a month later we were out on date and remembered so we counted that. Besides that would go more towards being a "bitter wife". I thought the rising price of gas would make anyone bitter. But that falls more under the catagory of "bitter citizen" and those people drive me crazy.

So I am looking for help. If you are, or know of a "bitter mother" would you please share with me your keys to success? Remember I am just starting out and will have to work up to this, so jumping right in to spitting in my kids cereal when they aren't looking might take me a few days.

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Becca said...

Just remember to "suck the fun out of everything..." haha good luck!