Let the games begin

So we are just finishing up watching the opening ceremonies to the Olympic Games. The show was absolutely amazing. I would hate to be the country that had to follow that performance.

So the question is...
How many medals do you think the good old USA will bring home? So far this is our numbers (winner in our family gets 2 free movie tickets).

Mom - 103
Sidney - 105
Courntey - 100
Coty - 96
Mark - 98
Blain - disqualified since he is on a mission and can't use the movie tickets anyways

Mark hasn't voted yet and we have the opportunity to change our number until 8/9/08, so stay tuned to the excitement. We also will be following the USA winners by doing something fabulous everytime we win a medal. Not sure what it is yet, but I assure it will be something extra special. Okay, now I am feeling pressure, it will actually just be a fun mindless thing to keep my kids entertained. There, that is better.

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Steff said...

You could do a back rub chain every time the US gets a medal. Just make sure you are in the front. :)