The release.... "Breaking Dawn"

Just got back from our local bookstore which was having a party celebrating the release of Stephanie Meyers book, Breaking Dawn. I had the pleasure of attending the soiree with our friend Lita, my two lovely nieces, Becca and Rachael, and of course my own daughter, Courtney. There was blood punch, licorice bouquets, potato chips and blood dip along with other tasty snacks. When first got there we divided into team Jacob and team Edward. Several of us picked team Jacob and the others picked team Edward. We then played trivia games and pictionary. Finally the countdown and presto, we all received our coveted books. I am sure there are many people all across the US who are reading with bleary eyes their books. I on the other had, will enjoy it at my own pace, drinking in each page and enjoying the silliness of vampires and werewolves falling in love with humans.

Here is some of our party in front of the food stand. It was a small but fun spread of food.

The perpetrator who dumped part if her cupcake on the ground and refused to clean it up. If she were my daughter I would make her shovel the pig pen. Oh wait, she is my daughter....sweet!

Our own Jessica using art to depict specific things from previous books in the Twilight series. Draw like the wind Jessica!

Group picture holding our books (except Courtney who kept trying to hold "our" book over her face - what a nerd).

Then of course we had to sit on main street Enumclaw and try and figure out how to steal each others (or other people passing) books. It was fun, we laughed, we cried but mostly we just hasseled each other. What fun!

My favorite part of the evening, when I stated in a mildly loud voice that I couldn't believe that Jacob dies in the last book. More than a few people got upset until I told them just kidding. It was a great evening. I want to thank my posse and crew for hangin with me this evening. This memory will stay with me even while I sit in a rest home crocheting doilies for your weddings.


Becky19 said...

Cousin Becky here! We also got the book on opening day. Unfortunately I am doing "catch up" reading on the previous books while nursing in the middle of the night and my daughter is reading "Breaking Dawn" and trying not to spoil the entire series for me. Mom and Dad told me you had a blog (I was impressed that they even knew the word). Email me! becmunger@aol.com. Loved going through all the links to the other blogs of the Butlers. Funny stuff. Loved the shark swim! My siblings and I could do something like that but it would be more like "shark bait". We mostly would just bob up and down in the water and wait to be eaten. The competition would be to see how many would be eaten before the sharks were full and the ones that are left win!

Becca said...

haha!! That was a fun night!! Thanks for making it more eventful! Even though you tried to make me jump over the top of everyone to sit in a little cramped spot where there was no space...and threatened to spit in my bed if I didn't...oh and you can't forget trying to STEAL my book!!! haha

Steff said...

I don't even like these books but I wish I could have been there with you guys. It looks like you had some big laughs. I would have laughed so hard when you made the comment about Jacob dying. Hilarious!