w a r t s....

(disclaimer: don't read if you have a squeemish stomach or don't want to think less of me tomorrow)

I feel like we have become fairly good friends. We have shared some intimate and personal experiences, so I know you won't think less of me when I tell you I had some warts on my fingers. It of course started out with one and then two and so on. I have tried the compound W, the duct tape therapy, digging them out, filing them down and about any other idea you have heard of but to no avail. I even read where going to the doctor is only a 50/50 deal. But I have found the most amazing solution to the wart problem. Apple Cider Vinegar!

So you take a q-tip, pull the top part almost off but not quit. Then pour some apple cider vinegar into a small bowl. Soak the q-tip in it for a second. Pull the rest of the top off the q-tip so you have a small piece of cotton soaked in ACV (apple cider vinegar). Put that directly on your wart and wrap really good with duct tape. I use duct tape at night and then a real good quality water proof bandage during the day so it isn't as noticeable. In the morning remove the duct tape and let it air out a few hours. Then reapply a new q-tip head with ACV and cover with a bandage. In the evening remove and let it air out for a few hours. Within a couple of days you will see little black dots coming up through the wart. Then after a few more days it will turn black. When it turns completely black I stop applying the ACV treatment and just let it do its thing. Which amounts to scabbing up and falling off. It takes a bit for it to heal (depending on how deep and big it is). But it will disappear. I did need to retreat 1 after the scab came off but it was much smaller and is now gone after the second round of ACV treatment. It is really just the most amazing thing to watch it kill whatever makes the wart grow. Almost better than a science experiment. It can get a little painful after several application of ACV, but just do it as long as you can endure. Just keep working at it.

It really is kind of cool. Just wanted to pass this little tidbit on to you if you are suffering the same fate I was. It just makes me giddy to see them dying. I also heard this will work on moles. Guess that is my next experiment. Now to find a moly (not holy) man.


kthom said...

WHEW...I was hoping you were getting those under control. Way to take matters into your own hands/fingers. Very impressive use of the ACV.

Steff said...

Sweet. I don't have any warts right now and my kids haven't had any yet but now I will be ready when they do. You should start a book with all your discovered remedies. Then you would be RICH!