This is pretty much the most trick thing I've ever seen (I say trick instead of cool to drive my kids crazy. It works. Very good.). So . . . . yeah these are square watermelon. I guess in China they have smaller fridges so they experimented a bit and magically made square watermelons because they're more compact. I know. Pretty trick, right? (also, in case you were wondering, of course they were made in China...that's where everything is made, isn't it?). So, basically these totally trick watermelons are selling for almost $100. I think that's a world record for the most expensive watermelon. Ever. I guess all they really do is grow them inside a box and they grow into the shape of the box. Which is square. Hence "square" watermelon. If you can make a square watermelon, why can't we make a star shaped banana? I guess that would make all the star fruit angry though and they would want revenge. Pretty soon we would not be eating star fruit . They would be eating us. Pretty trick, right? Yeah, just thought I would share that little bit of info and how I feel about. Have a nice day. Treat your star fruit respectfully. (:

Hmmmm, I think some little rugrat, namely my daughter Courtney, has been posting on my blog. I popped on my blog and was going to post since it has been a few days and I see square watermelons. Question is, have I been sleep blogging? Then I remember Courtney was telling me how incredible square watermelons are. I will have to check with the would be culprit. Interesting post though.
Thanks Courtney.

Love Mom


Kristin said...

Those Chinese people are very tricky- thanks for making me a little more fruit educated.

Becca said...

Haha! I would say that is pretty trick court!