Lucky and the faucet

Did I fall off the edge of the earth? There are certainly days that I would have like to. But nothing that exciting. Just getting everyone off to school, helping our missionary square a few things away and our college boy. I keep thinking that things are going to slow down but then there is a sports physical or a dental appointment or the dog has run up to the local elementary school to visit all the happy children. Actually this hasn't happened yet, this year. Our dog Lucky, that is her name not just her position in life, gets hooked up at 8 am every morning to a long cable and unhooked between 4 - 5 pm. The only problem is that someone decided to hook her to the faucet handle so she could have a little shade during the day and be close to her water bowl and food bowl. And this was the end result...

Then the same "someone" used a set of pliers to turn the water handle on so she could wash her husbands car while he did the weed eating (do you all call it weed eating? Son Coty was told that was a ridiculous name, it is called weed wacking) which ended up stripping some of the threads.

Can I just tell you that my husband has become a very patient man. He even told me that he loved me "later" on that evening. I know I am a blessing in his life and have taught him some wonderful skills he wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn otherwise. Patience is just one of those skills.

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Steff said...

It is nice to contribute to helping our husbands develop more patience. I feel like I am really going to help my sons develop this same attribute by dealing with their lovely Mom on a daily basis. Their wives can thank me later.