Behind on Favorite Things Friday

So I am behind on my favorite things and it isn't because I don't have a gazillion favorite things, it is because I am not a consistent person. There, I said it, I am more of the grasshopper in the big scheme of life. I have my ant days, but overall I am a grasshopper. I fleet from one thing to the next, catching the vision of wonderful things to make or do or organize. Once I get behind in something I like to pretend it doesn't exist. It is like stuffing an unfinished sewing project that needs to be seam ripped to pieces and then resewn into a back draw, only to be addressed when I am ready once again. So I have avoided my blog because I know I have been a slacker and didn't want to own up to it. But here I am ready to face the music.

So here is a belated Favorite Things Friday.

The English Cucumber

You can purchase these in a 3 pack at Costco or for a couple of dollars each at your regular store. Why are they a favorite?
One - you don't have to peel them.
two- they are great when you want something crunchy.
three- you can use them in place of chips for healthy dipping.
four- if you cut them in big chunks and use a melon baller you can remove some of the middle and put something tastey in there for an appetizer.
five- my kids will eat them cut into slices with salt and pepper sprinkled on them (if I leave a plate of them out they will walk by and nibble until they are gone) six- they don't have to many seeds.
seven- they are healthy and lowfat
eight- they can make some very creative appetizers

Need I go on?

Here is a cucumber bowl with a crabmeat salad.

And look at this, you can even carve cute little animals out of them. What a versital vegetable. Come on try it... you know you wanna.

Stay tuned to this Friday, when I will be sharing the most amazing cleaning product that was introduced to me by my sister Steff. It has literally changed my life, or at least made one of those really nasty jobs much easier.


Thomas family said...

I was so excited to see your favorite thing for friday, Thanks for the cool tips. I am guessing your thing for friday, Clorox toilet? I got it off Steff's blog, and it is really quite amazing. I never thought to leave it over night. And wake up to a sparklely bowl. I love a good cleaner.:0
Isn't blogging great, I think you can really get to know someone. I love it.

Thomas Family said...

Ha ha, now I have to think of a another favorite thing Friday :p
Yes, that was exactly it and I know I am one who loves finding quick and easy ways to clean. Another to spray windex around before your husband comes home so he thinks you were cleaning the house. Not that I do that, I just have "heard" people sometimes do that.
Yes, I have enjoyed blogging too. It is a great way to get to know people you don't get to see very often. I have enjoyed getting to know your family better through your blog.

Steff said...

Hmmm, I don't think I've tried these. I definitely will now! One question, did you make the little cucumber animal? If so, IMPRESSIVE!!!