Kids going to school, parting is such sweet sorrow

So we got everyone off to school. It was a bit crazy, but we prevailed. I did get pictures of everyone as they left to document this next step in each childs life.

Here is Coty and Mark loading up his stuff to head off to college. Wow, this is always a tough one, I mean getting a picture of Mark and Coty, they hate their pictures being taken because they fear ending up on "the blog". But it was also tough to see my second oldest going away. I know that once they leave it is never the same again. I just have so many memories of them growing up. Selling rocks from the driveway at the end of the road, making slip and slides during the summer out of big sheets of plastic, catching polliwogs. You realize the necessity of them moving on, but they will always be your little boys.

All loaded up and ready to go. Coty wouldn't even look at me, I think he was afraid he would get all teary eyed and then I would start crying and we would all be a mass of tears and farwells. OR he was afraid he would end up on "the blog".

Goodbye! I love you, don't forget to call and write and change your underwear. Remember to always use fabric softener for fresh smelling clothing. Say your prayers, read your scriptures, eat healthy, mind your manners, do your homework... oh never mind. He is a good boy, he will do fine.

Her is Courtney waiting for the bus, ready to conquer 8th grade.

And here is her trusty old dog, waiting faithfully and pondering if her tubby little body woule take her up to the middle school when the elementary school gets boring (or she gets tired of getting locked in the janitors closet until her owner comes).

This is Sidney who is excited to start first grade.

All went well until a new boy, who lucky for us is sitting right next to Sidney, told her that he had a dog that liked to bite people and drink their blood and he was going to bring him to school. So now we have had tummy aches and don't want to attend school. Great, one week into it and already I get to conference with the teacher. But I will not complain, because in 12 more years I will be wishing that I could fix small problems like this instead of hoping 50 times a day that my child who is over 800 miles away is doing okay. Along with my other son who is in Tucson Arizona serving a mission is being taken care of and doing well.

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Steff said...

It's so weird how much all the grandkids have grown up. I can't believe Coty is off to college and Blain on a mission. It seemed like just yesterday Courtney wanted to play house and was screaming at Tanner for playing leapfrog. It makes me a little sad and it kind of makes me want to freeze my kids where they are. Well, maybe I will freeze them in couple years but you get the point.