Update on my warts

Since I already told you about them, I don't feel to bad about giving you an update. Out of 9 warts I only have 2 1/2 left. They are being a little stubborn, and I haven't been as consistent trying to get rid of them as I was with the others. I actually only worked on a few at a time so I could give each one my full undivided attention. So I thought maybe you would like to see what happens to the wart when you cover it with apple cider vinegar on a small piece of q-tip cotton then covered with duct tape (or a fabric bandaid during the day).

This is my thumb

This is my finger

My family said these were disgusting to post. My daughter even told me to turn the monitor away so she wouldn't have to look at it. But I knew you would be intrigued with the results. It is amazing to see over days, the black spots appear and see the wart die. This would make a GREAT science fair project for a kid. Try 3 different methods to get rid of warts and document it.

As soon as I finally get ride of the remaining warts I am treating myself to a manicure so I can once again take pride in my hands. I will no longer be afraid to elbow elbow wrist wrist or point at things of interest. I will be free!

UPDATE 3/5/09 - I wanted to report that I am officially wart free. Half of them went away pretty quickly with the apple cider treatment. The rest I thought they were mostly gone, but they started to come back so I continued with the apple cider.

I will say that I have worked on this for years and the apple cider is the only thing that worked and it was cheaper than anything else. It can be a little painful. When that happens I just take the wrapping off and let my wart air dry for a little then start back up. It is kind of nice when you feel a little zing at the sight of the wart because you know it is working.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.


Steff said...

I think you should market your "magic wart removing potion" and become RICH! RICH beyond your wildest dreams. Don't forget about us little people when you get to the top. Thanks.

Chinh said...

About how long would you say to get rid of a wart?
My mom used it for 1 month and it got less, but she just gave up because of the pain. Do you think it's worth giving it another go?

Thank you

matthews.pink said...


I have something very similar on the side of my thumb, well in fact looking at your pictures, almost exactly the same! However, I tried the apple cider vinegar as you suggested and slept with a q tip cotton soaked in vinegar with it pressed against the wart with a plaster wrapped round it. The next morning I unwrapped it to find the skin around it had turned white and the black centre was sort of sunk into the white bits of skin. Looked rather revolting really, but I was just wondering what your warts looked like after the treatment. I know you're not a doctor but you sound like you know what you're doing! Thank you so much for you blog, I was beginning to get worried! Thank you very much,

Shefali xx

Michael said...

I realize this is an old blog post, so I hope I get a reply.

I just started treating my hand-warts with vinegar the other day. The largest one on my thumb is a bit smaller than a pea. Since I've started treating it with vinegar, it's looking like a completely different creature. Basically, all the blood vessels, which used to sprout the little pinpricks of blood when I ran a nail file across the thing, have turned into these shiny looking black spots close to the surface.

I'm trying to check all over the internet what a wart ought to look like in the middle of the vinegar treatment, but I'm only finding befores and afters...

Tfamily said...

Didn't realize that there were new (well hold now) comments on the apple cider vinegar treatment. So let me respond...

First of all, let me tell you that ALL my warts are gone and have been gone since the treatment.

To Matthews:
You actually need to continue the treatment beyond one night. I think for my toughest one it took a week of on/off treatment. Yes, after keeping the vinegar soaked q-tip tapped to my wart overnight... the next day it lookes pruney and sunken in. I would sometimes let it air out for a couple of hours before administering a new vinegar soaked q-tip which I would try and keep on for the rest of the day with a few hour break before bed. Then I would put on a new q-tip. You will notice in the off time that your wart will appear dried out almost scab like consistency, especially as time goes on. In fact, on a couple of mine the wart ended up drying out enough that it kind of fell off like a scab might after the wound has healed.

To Michael:
After a period of time doing this treatment you do start to get black spots. I figured that was the blood vessels that kept the wart alive starting to die. Like I said above, your wart will begin to dry out due to the vinegar and will start to die from what I believe is the lack of oxygen and because you are killing the blood vessels feeding it. As I said above it will begin to get harder, kind of scab like consistency with black dots (blood vessels dying). Just keep up the treatment until either the wart dries out enough to fall off OR you can clip it off. Just make sure you don't give up to soon or it will come back.

Yes, it can be a little painful. I used a little aspirin type pain killer. Also when I felt like it was to stingy or painful I would just take everything off for a few hours, then try it again. Just don't give up. Administer treatment on and off as much as you can endure. Some are more painful than others I noticed.


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