Fun Cupcake Blog

I found this fun cupcake blog that I thought I would share with you. Unfortunately you will notice that it is closing down. Always a day late and dollar short. But she said even thought she isn't posting any new recipes she will keep the current ones up until she sees that no one is visiting anymore then shut it down permantly. So now is your chance, head on over and check out some very interesting and yummy cupcake recipes. I haven't tried any myself, but am looking forward to it soon.

How about these...

chocolate cupcakes stuffed with strawberry chocolate ganache frosted with chocolate glaze and buttercream

3 vanilla cupcakes with vanilla sea salt

lime tart cupcakes

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

I am not usually a cupcake person, but these look really fun and tastey. So I may become a cupcake person.

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