Gun Shots at Eleven

So my husband and I were just going to bed at 11 pm last night, when we heard six pops, one right after another. It almost sounded like someone was pounding on our door. I asked my husband, what the heck was that? He said it was definitely gun shots. He hops out of bed and peeks out our bedroom window only to see a car driving away down the road, accelerating quickly. We both army crawl (not really but that makes it sound more intense) into the living room and peek out the front room window. I pop open the front living room window and we hear the car driving and then stop. 6 more shots and then it takes off again. Stops one more time and 4 more shots. We are thinking.. What the heck? So I call 911 because that can't be good if someone is driving around shooting a handgun while driving around on backstreets at night. About 5 minutes later 2 police cars show up in front of our house but pull into our across the street neighbors driveway. We figured he must have called also. They get out and start checking around with flashlights. They were there for about 10 minutes and then talked to our neighbor, whose lights were out. We figured he was doing the same thing as us, huddling in the dark, trying to be inconspicious. They then pulled out and down the street, checking things out as they drive.

So that was our excitment for the night. Not sure what became of it, but we will definitely be more careful about going out at night. It is to bad that things like that have to happen and leave you feeling unsafe.

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