Herding Cows.... again

Our cows have been up at my father-in-laws for a couple of weeks because we were in the process of doctoring them and he has the only squeeze shoot right now. We have been meaning to bring them back down to our property, but there always seems to be something going on. So tonight was the night. All hands were forwarned to be ready and energized. First crew headed up to Grandpa's house, meaning Mark, with second crew to follow, meaning me, Courtney and Sid. I got up there and see my husband walking down the fence line with a bucket of oats. He is on the "outside" of the fence mind you. My instructions... enter field and herd all cows to him at the gate where he will let them through. We will then systematically separate Grandpa's black angus with our cute little red Herfords. So my plan, walk behind these fellas, errr and gals and move them with a couple of haawwws said in a stern cowboy like voice.

It worked. All was going according to plan. I was doing a great job. Like leading cows to an oat bucket.

Once all the cows are through and upon closer inspection I realize there is a reason my dear husband was standing on the other side of the fence. It is because of this guy, and I do mean GUY.

His name? Damien Black from the gates of hell. Maybe I made that up, but you go stand in a field with this fella and tell me what you would call him. So I think, hmmm I was the guinea pig. If the bull didn't charge me he surely wouldn't charge my husband, who by the way still has a fence between him and Damien. Well aren't we all relieved the bull decided to be docile.

So all cows are now in field one. We need to separate our brown herfords out from Grandpa's black angus. Mark took a bucket of oats and slowly coerced one herford over to the gate and through. Easy peezy.

My job at this point, if, and I do mean "IF" the bull decides to charge, I am to let Mark through, remove the wire from around the fence post...

Close the gate as quick as I can. Grab both sides of chain and put them together, slide the nut through one of the holes AND screw on the bolt. All while being rushed by Damien.

No problem. While I am at it maybe I could wash the car, sing a show tune and take pictures of this cutie. Courtney thought the braids were cool. So we took a time out from fearing for our lives for a quick photo op.

So we lure two cows away from old Damien, when all of sudden he realizes what is going on. So he charges over to position himself into the herd to prevent my husband, the cow whisper, from luring anymore away.

See him standing his ground, with all his flunkies hanging around him. No way, no how is anyone taking his herd away from him. What is it about men and "their" women? I think we then jumped to plan 395A, per the cow herding play book.

This is where my husband decided to take things into his own hands. This is a fearsome site, two strong males, head to head. Who will win? Two men enter, one man leave. Actually I was just hoping I wasn't going to record my husbands death in pictures. Although it would have made an incredible display at his funeral. And I can imagine years later telling Sidney, "This is a picture of your daddy getting trampled by a bull. You probably don't remember that."

I am not sure why the bull didn't do what he was told. That finger shaking and tone of voice always works on me. Luckily we have a cool head amongst us who has saddled up his horse and comes to the rescue. Yeah Grandpa!

We finally get the rest of our cows into the other pasture. We need to move them to the other end, through the gate, down this road and into our field. Easy peezy (where have I heard that before).

Courtney is standing at the top of the hill to slow down any cars that are drag racing home from work. Mark and Grandpa are herding the cows out of the field so they will run down the road straight at me so I can simutaniously stop them AND unlock the combination lock. I am no good under pressure. Thank goodness my husband can out run cows and while I am hawing and waving my arms in freakish motions, he unlocks the gate.

I am glad I hold the camera and we will never have pictures of me hawing. So here is our cute little herd of cows, once again happy to be home with us.

Meanwhile, back at Grandpa's ranch there is one mad bull.

He paces the fence making this high pitched whining noise. This picture is taken from the same spot I took of the bull above. If you look closely you can see one of our cows just left of the big tree. So you can see they aren't really far off. I hope he stays in his field. Of course he will probably break out while everyone is at work.

Another hard days work on the ranch.

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