Halloween Costumes - Oh what will I be?

It is that time of year again. What in the heck are you going to be for Halloween. Isn't it hard enough trying to get your kids ready without figuring out a costume for yourself? Yesterday I attended my 1st graders "harvest" party planning meeting. After all was said and done, each of the parents (there were 4 besides me) went around the room telling what they were going to be. Seems they had all figured out their costumes weeks ago. Really? They were even getting a big chuckle out of their alternative costumes which wouldn't be appropriate for 1st graders (think retired hooters waitress). When it came to me, I said "why rush it? Don't I still have 2 weeks left?". Needless to say I didn't get to many assignments to help with the party. Every party needs a pooper that's why we invited you (which is me).

So for those of you who are in a quandry like me, I thought I would list some last minute and very inventive costumes. The first one my son did with a large sharpie on a white T-shirt. He actually wore it quit a few times.

Someone You Can Count On: Wear all black clothes. Cut out big, white numbers and attach them to your clothes.

Leaf blower: Hang a single leaf from a baseball hat brim and blow on it when people ask you what you are.

Static Cling: Attach odd socks and boxers to a sweat suit.

Self-Portrait: Put a picture frame around your neck.

Crayon: Put on solid color sweatsuit and put black bands around wrists and ankles. Make cone hat out of color to match.

Someone who doesn't care: Dress as yourself

Government road worker: Wear a florescent orange vest, stand in the corner with a cup of coffee.

Babe Magnet: Attach barbie dolls all over you.

Black Eye-Pea: T-shirt with a large P on back and front. Makeup on eye to look like a black eye.

Cereal Killer: Hang a cereal box around your neck. Stick a plasic knife in it with some red paint/ink dripping from the knife.

White trash: Wear a white shirt , white pants and a large hefty bag with a hole cut out for your head.

Smarty pants: Attach rolls of Smarties candy to your pants with clear packing tape.

Nudist on strike: Wear regular clothes. But hang a protest sign around your neck saying NUDIST ON STRIKE.

Blind Date: Wear a brown garbage bags, black glasses and carry a white canes with red tip.

Serial Killer: Dress as yourself and when someone asks who you are, tell them you are a serial killer, they look just like everyone else.

Partly cloudy with a chance of rain: Wear a light blue T-shirts with cotton balls glued to it. Carry a spray bottle filled with water. Every time someone asks what you are, tell them "partly cloudy with a chance of rain" then squirt them.

Identity Crisis: Get a pack of those "Hello, my name is" tags and stick them all over yourself with different names written on them.

If I find more I will add to. Hope I relieved some of your stress this Halloween with these suggestions. If nothing else, maybe you had a good chuckle.


Steff said...

I really wanted to do the "someone you can count on" that you told me Coty had done in the past. However, Matt purchased these costumes for us instead... http://www.buycostumes.com/Tacky-Tourist-Adult-Costume/4481/ProductDetail.aspx?REF=SCE-froogle
I usually don't dress up but we were invited to a couple dress up Halloween parties and I didn't want to be a total party pooper. Can't wait to see what you end up doing! I could see you as the waitress...you could even wear your birthday present. hee hee :)

The Butler Bunch said...

That's hilarious. I love those ideas. Where did you come up with all of those? Very fun. And I'm like you, I haven't even thought about what to be! Or if I'll be anything at all.