Make your own vintage photos

I found this really neato site where you can take brand new photos and make them vintage with just a click of a button.

This is a little tricky since the website is in Japanese but where the "browse" button is, use it to find the picture on your computer you want to change. Then the blue box underneath that has Japanese writing, just click on it and the website does the rest. My understanding (I don't read Japanese) is that this is technology using something called brown pen. You then right click and save image on your computer to use as you wish.

So go here and vintage your photos.


Holly Beaird said...

how do you find these things!? Your amazing, I'm going to try it--they look so cool!

Elisabeth said...

Lorri...Angie Penrose did the class... I think she is going to do another one...I'll make sure she includes you!!

Steff said...

That's pretty nifty. I'll have to try it out on some of our pics. Thanks.