Still Alive and Kicking

I know I haven't posted in a while, BUT I was on vacation. I had thought of prewarning (I say that like people flock to my blog and are desperately disappointed that I haven't posted) you that I would be gone. But then I thought that would give some would-be-robber the perfect opportunity to break in and steal all my precious stuff. It wasn't until after I got home I realized I don't have any precious stuff (except those of my children who were staying with grandparents at the time). As I walked through the house surveying anything that might be classified as precious, I realize just how pitiful of a haul a robber would have. We do have a big screen TV, but it is a classic huge (not flat screen) model and there is not HGTV involved. We have a broken DVD player which is the only thing our surround sound will play on. So that is a bust. Our computer is a few years old and by the time would-be-robber had gotten rid of viruses and worms so it was useful, his time might have been spent checking out a different house. We have rockband for the XBOX 360 but Coty has the XBOX and our Wii is in need of a new connector. I do have this awsome collection of books (I Love books) but I can't imagine those have a huge resale value at the pawn shop. I know you are thinking....What about your jewelry box?! Well last year our house was broken into and the darn thieves took my jewelry box with my wedding ring in it, along with the ring Mark gave me on my wedding day. I do have the receipt for the wedding ring when we bought it which states we paid 500 dollars for it. I don't imagine that 22 years later it increased in value.

So in hindsight I should have told you. I am sure it doesn't help to know I was in Hawaii. Oh heavens, I do love the sun. We had 80+ degree temperatures. Why I live in Washington I do not know. I will post some pictures and fun things from the trip tomorrow. If it makes you feel any better I am freezing my fanny off trying to climatize again. I also will post my favorite things friday tomorrow. I know a little late, but I promise it will be a goody. A very YUMMY goody.


Elisabeth said...

I flock daily to your blog...and I missed you! Hope it was great!

Thomas Family said...

Thank you! And yes, we had a great time. It is hard to come back to reality, but I missed my kids immensely.

Thomas family said...

I am one of your flockers. Glad you are all home safe.:)