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EDITED 3/14/09: There is a new code to get the 80% off. Type MENU in the coupon code box at checkout to get 80% off.

You know when I find a good deal, I just have to pass it along. It makes me happy to save money, but even happier when I can help other people save money too. So here is a fun one for those of you who like to eat out.

There is a website called Restuarants.com that sells certificates at a discount to eat at places in your area. Well, some areas have more choices than others. So normall you could get a $25.00 certificate for $10.00 which is a great deal. But if you act now you can get that same certificate for 80% off. Which means you now pay $2.00 for a $25.00 certificate. There are stipulations on using the certificates, such as it might only be valid for dinner with a minimum $35.00 purchase. You can only use one certificate per table and only one certificate per restaurant per month. So far, not so bad huh? You will also need to pay gratuity on the whole amount before your discount (some restaurants will do that automatically).

So here is how you check and see if there are any restaurants in your area. Click on this link...


Then type in your zip code. On the next page you can stipulate how far away from your zip code you want to look (30 miles being the most). It will then display the restaurants and what amounts you can purchase the certificates in. If you click on the restaurant name, it will tell you more about the restaurant and on the left hand side (below the blue certificate amount selection box) you will see what the requirements are for that place. Choose an amount, put it in your cart.

In your shopping cart, at the top, there is a place for a discount code. Type in SURPRISE and it will give you 80% off. There is no shipping because you print these certificates off of your computer. I believe they send a link to your email that you click and print.

I have used one of these before with no problems. I would just let the restaurant know before you order that you have it and want to use it. These restaurants contract out with this website to increase their business.

I am not sure how long this will be good for, but I do know that once you purchase the certificate, you have a year to use it generally. It will say on the printed certificate so double check.

Edited to add: I find more restaurants when I look by zip code than when I look by area or city. So you can try either way. Just a heads up.


Steff said...

All the good retaurants in my area were sold out. Boo hoo. Maybe next time.

AND, I miss your blog posts. They always make me laugh. Don't leave me hanging here. I'm sure you have nothing better to do than sit down and blog right? :) Ha ha

The Butler Bunch said...

I love checking in on your blog. And thanks for the tip on the good restaurant deals. I'm always up for a good deal. Hope you had a great Christmas. How is your missionary doing? Wasn't it so great to talk to him?